Session 4

E-safety Awareness Badge

Image 1

This poster is colourful, and eye catching. It states important information children need to consider when using the internet. Using body parts to relate to feelings and actions.

Image 2

Again this image is colourful and eye catching. Using the word smart as an acronym. This poster send out a strong message. the use of pictures summarise what the poster is saying. It gives reason as to why the information it is advising is important.

Image 3

This poster is colourful and bright, engaging and informative. It offers advice to the reader and makes them think about the information they share, the people they talk to and general warnings. the use of pictures emphasises the message it is trying to send out.

Key Points:

All of these posters have the following in common:

  • Colourful
  • Bright
  • Eye Catching
  • Informative
  • Use of images
  • Talk about safety online
  • Emphasise correct behaviour when using the internet

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