week 4, dangers of the internet (Georgie)

There are many dangers on the internet especially for children including bullying, false information, inappropriate images, addictions and many more. It is so easy to pose as someone else as you have the power of the internet. Many people think there safe because they can’t be seen; this often applies to bullies who may think that it’s okay because there doing it through the internet. It is extremely important for children to know about internet safety so if they come across any problems they know how to deal with it. It’s important to educate children but not scare them as the internet is a very important and useful tool that should be used by children in a safe way.


Cbbc newsround

Childnet international

Capture 1Captureditigal footprint

Both of these posters help children with internet safety, they warn them of the dangers. It is also important though to reassure children that the internet is great to use if your using it safely.


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