week 3, animation (Georgie)

Producing our animation

The first thing we did for our animation was to work out which theme we wanted to use , we choose a Christmas theme and from this worked out a animation we could make from this. We then got our materials and made the models we would use. We were careful to make sure that they were all in proportion to each other. Once we had made the models we then began to position them and to make sure the camera was in the right position. We then began to take photos then a slight movement and then repeated. At first we had a few problems as the camera wasn’t in the right position or kept moving so ruining the animation. However when we got the hang of it, the animation was a success and looked good at the end. I really enjoyed this and was amazing to see that by taking photos then moving it slightly you were able to create a video. I found it very useful as I had never made an animation before and therefore it was a good experience for me and a new skill for me to learn.

Animation studio

Animation desk


Animation express


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