week 2, ipads (Georgie)

The use of iPads is fantastic there is so much you can do just using your iPad. The te3chnology allows you to become efficient and productive all the time. Apps are also extremely useful; there are so many apps from playing games to creating videos and editing pictures. They are especially good for children as many apps allow them to illustrate their creativity through a different and possible more interesting media. Technology is exciting and children should embrace and enjoy its influence.

Usefull apps for ipad

Pic college



Book creator

Volume purchase programme

Ios apps, help ands support with apple programs

Cisco technical support

EMC Support

Loads of support with the apps.


This article talks about the importance of ICT and how technology should be used throughout the curriculum. ICT can be used in every single subject and should definitively be involved in all subjects. This therefore makes links with the other subject and therefore developing the pupils understanding of the subject and the technology. The article also discusses the importance of enthusiasm and how it’s extremely important for the children to enjoy ICT and the things they learn.


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