Week 1, computing (Georgie)

My strengths and weaknesses in ICT

Most of my school experience of ICT was making power points and leaflets; I did enjoy this and found it interesting to learn how to put them together and the best way to present information. We also did some work on spreadsheets but I always struggled to understand what I had to do. A lot of my ICT skills have come from my own experience and have been developed through what I do on the computer in my own time. The fact that I didn’t learn that much at school suggests that a change in the computing curriculum is needed and will have a positive influence on the older generation. I have been fortunate enough to grow up in a word were technology is constantly improving, and have therefore become completely immersed in it. It is amazing to think what I would have done without the internet, and I often forget how recent the internet is and how much we take for granted. I also find it incredible that you go into schools and see young children using the latest technology. This in itself shows you how much technology is developing and the influence it is having on education.  I think this is a positive thing as it provides children with the skills they need to survive in a world full of technology.

National curriculum for computing

Reading through the curriculum it is clear that computing is covering a good range of useful skills for students to have for example to be able to create and de bug simple programs as this will help in later life. However by reading through the curriculum I can see how challenges could be faced and that some of the children could struggle with the requirements.


Students should consider the use of patterns in everyday life, using symmetry and tessellation to explore it further. Students can use games to explore this idea further. They can also create their own shapes on various programs and then copy and paste the pictures to create their own patterns.


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