Photographs of the session relating to e-safety (Session 4) Lucy.

This is an image of our seminar group’s ideas on e-safety issues, we posted our ideas using the QR reader app. Some of the issues that we highlighted as a group include: cyber bullying, cat fishing, viruses, meeting strangers and copyright. We then explored some of these issues in detail and looked at ways of teaching children and educating parents about e-safety.

This is an image of one of the resources that we explored in the seminar relating to e-safety. This document is highly important as it shows that parents may also need to be educated on e-safety issues especially cyber bullying as this is now more common than ever before.

This is a worksheet that we were given by our module tutor in the e-safety seminar, it outlines a number of scenarios relating to e-safety. Some of the scenarios included: arranging to meet somebody that a child has met online, receiving an e-mail  with an attachment of a rude picture, receiving mean messages through a school e-mail and a child telling their friend their password which is then shared with others. The sheet is a useful resource which we could use in the classroom to stimulate discussion and raise awareness about e-safety issues.

The above image displays a video which outlines a variety of important e-safety issues, the video  is engaging, informative and interesting. The video uses children in their e-safety issue examples, this enables the child to empathise with the child in the video and to understand both the importance and the consequences of e-safety. This resource could be used in the classroom as it is good for visual and audio learners, therefore, allowing all children to understand e-safety issues.


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