E-safety awareness badge (Session 4) Lucy .

This poster is clearly aimed at getting children to understand the dangers of internet safety. The poster outlines that the child must have respect for themselves, for example not sending inappropriate images to others or sharing personal information. The poster also outlines that children must have respect for others in the community, this includes not sending mean or inappropriate messages to others even if they are sending nasty messages. The poster also conveys the importance of balancing use of the internet with other daily tasks including eating, going to school, completing homework, seeing friends, spending time with family, washing and sleeping. The poster suggests that children should report cyber bullying to an adult and should not respond to negative comments or to the bully. Finally, the poster also emphasises the importance of staying safe online, this includes refraining from talking to strangers, sharing personal information and keeping passwords private.

This poster is bright, colourful, engaging and informative. The pictures are useful as they show what could happen if children do not obey online safety rules. The poster gives clear messages which are easy for children to understand but are also very important, for example if a child gets themselves into danger online whether that means being cyber bullied, harassed, hacked etc., they should tell a grown up that they trust instead of getting themselves in to even more danger. The use of the picture displaying a boy in a hoodie is effective as it is a scary image which often creates negative feelings in a persons mind, this highlights to children that they should be aware of who they are talking to online and should never arrange to meet as they cannot be certain that the person they are talking to online is the same person in real life. The poster is easy for children to read and the messages are given in clear terms, for example do not be nasty or send mean comments, treat people like your friends in the playground. The poster also gives a vital message “keep your personal information private”, this is self explanatory for children.

This poster is very creative and would draw children in as they would see chocolate and cake mix, something which many children would be attracted to. The poster provides children with vital information, for example telling an adult if they feel worried or are in danger and do not know how to get out of that situation. The poster is very informative, for example telling children only to post videos or photos of people if they have their permission, this is really important as many children are now using social networking sites at a younger age. The poster also states that children should be kind to others, this reinforces that children should not cyber bully others and should instead treat others how they would if they were in the playground. The poster also warns children that they should not share private information, including passwords and they should always check age restrictions.

The three posters that I have analysed are all bright, engaging and informative. The information provided on all of the posters are similar, for example the messages are all worded in the same way, they are simple and easy to read and understand. The vital messages given to children through these posters include: not arranging to meet strangers that they have met online, not treating others in an unkind manner, never sharing personal information, checking age restrictions, obtaining permission from others before posting videos and photos with them in it and finally telling an adult if they feel in danger.


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