Week 2: Useful ICT weblinks related to the theme of apps and Ipads (Lucy)


This is a useful website relating to apps in the classroom. The website outlines fifty two apps that teachers could download for use in the classroom, underneath the name of each app is also a brief description of what the app does. Some of the apps are generic, for example you tube and PowerPoint can be used by many people in a wide range of different jobs. However, some of the apps including “Kahoot” can be used by the children as it is an educational app which supports learning through the use of games.


This is another great website which provides teachers with information on the best apps to download for use in the classroom. The downside is that some of these apps do have to be paid for, however they are extremely beneficial and can teach children a lot. For example, “London, a city through time” would contribute to a child’s historical knowledge no matter what their age as they would be able to navigate their way around the site whilst making comparisons between society then and now. One other app on this webpage that caught my attention was “Tap-quiz Maps World Edition”, this app is free which is great. The app would enable children to develop their understanding of the world map relating to their geography lessons. The reason that this app stood out for me is because it allows children to test their knowledge by providing them with quiz questions, therefore giving them the responsibility to monitor their own progress to some extent.


The above website is different to the previous two websites in that it provides really detailed information for teachers to access. The website not only outlines apps that would be useful in the classroom, but it also has a detailed section on classroom uses of the Ipad, the site also has a section specifically designed for teachers working with SEN children. This is a great website as there is so much information for teachers and it goes beyond the basics of just looking at the use of Ipads in the classroom, it provides information on using Ipads and apps for assessment. I think that it is brilliant that the website has a dedicated section for SEN children as this enables the teacher to consider every child’s individual needs and plan around those needs.


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