Week 2: The use of Ipads and Apps in the classroom (Lucy)

Ipads are used in the classroom in order to enhance learning, they are used as a teaching tool and a learning tool. Ipads are used by teachers in order to access information and media, they aid teachers in their professional development and can help them to use a wide range of resources in the classroom, including a variety of apps. Ipads are used in the classroom as a learning tool, they help children to  connect with the wider world and to be fluent in accessing apps and knowing what those apps are used for. Ipads  help children to explore, to collaborate/ communicate with one another and to connect with life outside of the classroom. Ipads are a valuable contribution to schools since they allow the teacher to prepare and organise creative and engaging lessons in which children can extend their knowledge through the use of technology. Whilst ipads are fun, they have benefits for education, for example they encourage reading and they provide children with the opportunity to test and evaluate, for example speaking into a microphone.

There are a wide variety of influential apps that can be used in the classroom, many of these apps are both engaging and educational at the same time. Some of these apps include: storytelling, video production, e-books and drawing apps which can be used in art lessons. This is one of the reasons why Ipads are a great resource to use in the classroom as they are not limited to just providing ICT skills. Instead Ipads can be used in a wide range of lessons including English because children can use reading apps or story maker apps, they can also be used in maths because children can use apps such as “DoodleMaths” in order to practice mathematical skills. Ipads may be considered as a great tool to use when planning cross curricular activities.

One other point that I would like to make regarding ipads and apps in the classroom is that they can be used individually, encouraging the child to be independent, they can be used in pairs, encouraging them to share and they can also be used in small groups, for example if the children were creating an animation.


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