Photographs from seminar 2: Using the Ipad to take photos and using an app to create a book! (Lucy)

Above are three pictures that we took as a group on the Ipad. The first picture is the sky, the second picture is a yellow flower and the third picture is one of the group members’ cardigans. We took around twelve pictures of different objects, all of the objects were a different colour as we chose the theme of the rainbow with a few extra colours added. We took the photos and then added them together to make a book on the app “book creator”, to the pictures we added some text. For example, for the colour yellow we included the picture of the flower and then annotated the page with some objects that are yellow such as the sun, custard, daffodils and bananas. Our book was titled “A summers day”. This activity was fun and enjoyable, I enjoyed working in a group and I enjoyed going outside of the classroom and using the Ipad to take some photographs. This is an activity which could be used with children as it is engaging but involves a variety of skills, such as working in a group, using the Ipad to take pictures and using an app to create a book.


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