Week 3: Lucy’s reflection on animation.

Working in a group to produce an animation was fun, interactive and engaging, I felt that we did work well as a team to produce a good animation based on the theme of Christmas. All of the members of the group including myself made objects/people using playdoh and salt dough. Our animation consisted of a little girl decorating a Christmas tree with baubles, tinsel and a golden star. The little girl then put some presents under the Christmas tree and the animation concluded with the words “Merry Christmas” being presented. This activity was a great learning opportunity as we used our skills to work as a group, something which  is important when in the classroom. We also learned how to create an animation by using software on the computer and a camera which we attached to the computer to take photographs of our Christmas scene. The activity also enabled us to further understand patterns and sequences and how to teach these to children in a creative way, the animation clearly helped us to understand that we can create sequences using pictures/ photos from everyday life and putting them together to create an animation. This was an activity that we could have used in the classroom, the activity was fun and engaging yet educational.


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