Resources to support classroom practice: Lucy

This is a great website to share with the class when teaching about animation, the website is interactive and engaging yet the children can learn whilst playing games, creating animations, listening to music and reading stories. The website could be used with the whole class as I could invite children up to the front to participate in a game on the interactive whiteboard. The website could also be used in groups as the children could read stories together, or create animations together. The great thing about this website is that it can be used individually as well as in a group or as a class, the children could create their own animation using the software and this would allow them to express themselves individually.

This is another great website to use in the classroom when teaching children about animation. The website provides tutorials for children to watch, the tutorials clearly explain to the audience how they can create an animation using the “Do ink” app. The app enables children to work on the ipads and therefore allows them to develop their skills on the ipad. This resource/app could potentially work extremely well in the classroom as the children could work in pairs to create an animation or they could work by themselves. The use of the Ipad is great as it is fun, interactive and engaging, it also means that the children do not always have to work on the computer, instead it gives them the opportunity to use and explore a different technological device.

Again, this is another interactive website based on animation which is quite simple and easy to use meaning that children would require less help than some of the other websites used to create animations. Instead of using this website as a whole class resource, it would be a better idea to give the children an example and show them how to use the website to create an animation and then leave them to explore the website themselves and to create their own animations.


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